Anti Aging Tips from 3 Great Ladies

3 years ago

They Look Younger And ACT Younger Than Their 70’s, And Here’s Their Anti-Aging Tips For You

Steve Harvey had three guests on his show the other day.  And they were all beautiful and fun.  Amazingly, the ladies that Steve found are each pushing “80” (technically), but look like they are in their mid-forties and early to mid fifties.  And everyone can see – yes, they look younger and ACT younger than 70’s….they are doing some things that YOU TOO can incorporate into your daily lives!

Juicing, yoga, raw food and exercise, exercise, exercise hit the recommendation list from these lovely ladies.

What keeps YOU looking young or young-at heart?

70 is not necessarily the new 50, certainly not for most people, but with some hard work and dedication like the guests on this episode your golden years can certainly be much better than most people enjoy. How about you?

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