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Pure Omega Krill Oil Offers Only The Best Krill Oil Available Today

  • OUR KRILL OIL uses 100% Krill Oil free from impurities!Krill Oil less toxic
  • NO FISHY BURPS; forget uncomfortable fishy burps, our oil uses an advanced multi stage oil extraction process to significantly reduce the fishy taste.
  • FREE FROM IMPURITIES; multi stage oil extraction helps eliminate Trimethylamine, total volatile nitrogen and other oxidative elements producing a highly purified fish oil supplement.
  • EASILY ABSORBED; omega-3 based Krill Oil absorbs better into the blood, brain, heart and liver compared with traditional fish oils, includes Astaxanthin to protect against free radical damage!
  • LONG LASTING SUPPLY; manufactured in the USA with premium quality.
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Do you lead a healthy lifestyle and rather than cheaper fish oils, you would like the very latest, ultra-potent Omega 3 Krill Oil? Rather than cheap krill oil supplements, would you like an ultra-premium Krill Oil Supplement with naturally high levels of health supporting antioxidants?

If so, Pure Omega Krill Oil is the perfect choice! Manufactured from the highest quality 100% Krill Oil, our Krill Oil delivers high levels of essential fatty acids in every serving, for a potent omega 3 supplement, perfect for improving cardiovascular and joint health! Our Krill Oil is a premium supplement, produced through a multi stage oil extraction process which removes impurities, including Trimethylamine, total volatile nitrogen and other oxidative elements, while preserving natural levels of the antioxidant Astaxanthin and eliminating the unpleasant fish odor, for a highly purified, easily consumed supplement, and is absorbed more efficiently than traditional fish based oils!

Celeste Williams, Texas

I just started to take this supplement myself and for my autistic son. He reacted to cod liver oil and krill oil was recommended as purer for him with same benefits or better. I chose this one because it was from Antarctica and I wanted to avoid all Pacific ocean krill due to the nuclear reactor fallout from Japan. I am happy with product.

Reduces Rate of Fat Production in the Liver

When triglyceride levels get too high, it can adversely affect your health. The DHA and EPA found in krill oil reduce the rate that triglycerides are formed.

Fights Systemic Inflammation

In one study on krill oil consumption, researchers discovered that not only was krill oil able to reduce inflammation levels in the body, but it also reduced the pain associated with arthritis.

No Negative Side Effects or Reactions

Scientific studies have shown that krill oil users reported no negative reactions or complained of any adverse side effects.

Higher Concentrations of Beneficial DHA and EPA

According to researchers, “The unexpected high content of free DHA and EPA in krill oil might have a significant influence on the availability of DHA + EPA from krill oil.”

Easier for Your Body to Absorb and Use

The compounds in krill oil are easier for your body to absorb because their structure is different from that found in fish oil.

Use Less and Get the Same Great Results

Although krill oil actually has lower levels of DHA and EPA than fish oil, the free DHA and EPA found in krill oil is more effective than that found in fish oil. That means you can take less and get more benefit!cholesterol benefits from krill oil

Increases Good HDL Cholesterol

Krill oil, which provides the body with the same levels of DHA and EPA as fish oil but at considerably lower dosages, can be just as effective at increasing HDL levels.

Reduces Dangerous Triglyceride Levels

Doctors recommend several ways to help reduce triglyceride levels, like avoiding simple carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour, starting an exercise regimen, and taking some a form of EPA and DHA supplement like Pure Omega Krill Oil.

Reduces Bad LDL Cholesterol and Total Numbers

New research shows that krill oil provides more benefits in a lowering total and LDL cholesterol levels than other fish oil pills can.

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Micheal Albert, New York

This is a great product. Krill oil is the best source of omega. I recommend this product for people what want to lower their cholesterol.


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